The Strategies You Will Find Throughout This Process 

What you'll find on this money making journey...


‚ÄčTo succeed quickly, all money making methods that you're involved in should require only two sales to make a profit. Avoid anything that requires more. 

Every money making method presented in this process will only require two sales to make a profit. Not only that, we provide tools to automate this as much as possible. 


There are thousands of money making methods out there. Most don't work. They either take too much time or too much money. The free money making methods presented here do take some time, but they are presented for three purposes. 

  1. We want this process to require nothing out of pocket. 
  2. It's profitable to experience these methods so you can lead others that need to start for free.
  3. To start the process of automation (more on this later). 

You are going to learn how to build on these free methods in order to scale your income. 

Everything you do and learn in this process will be used in the following steps you take. We won't waste your time. 

One pitfall that you must avoid is getting off track (some call it chasing shiny objects). For example, at the bottom of this page are cool tools that you can use to achieve your financial goals. It's possible to get stuck by focusing too much time and money on these tools though. They only assist in achieving your goal of a full-time income - they won't get you there. 


Leverage needs to be central to your money making efforts.

You leverage money to make more money.

You leverage time to make every second count and to use the time you've spent to benefit what you do in the future.

You leverage other team members' efforts and assistance to produce success for yourself and the whole team. 

Your assistance and efforts are leverage to produce success for yourself and the whole team. 

The entire process presented in these individual strategies will make full use of leverage. 


leveraging others' efforts and assistance to produce success is essential to produce a full-time income. This strategy is used extensively by internet marketers. They create partnerships with each other, write testimonials for each others' products, and buy each others' products and services to enhance their efforts. 


Every product sold on our network of websites generates commissions for our team members (this can include you). You may have heard about internet marketing gurus that have made millions selling money making products. How about the people buying these money making products? How much do they make? 

(In fact, we buy these products and review them so we can present the best of them to you. What have we found? Only a small fraction actually generate much money. Most of them are a joke. They may look all shiny, but most don't work.)

We sell very valuable products and take the profits and pay them out to team members. This strategy makes earning a full-time income truly a reality. We do this in a very unique and rewarding way. You won't find this anywhere else on the internet. You'll discover this strategy soon...


To reach a goal of a full-time income you will need to build 750-1,000 loyal followers (some people may call them customers). Not only do these followers need to be acquired, you will want to keep them happy for the rest of your life (keeping customers is a lot less expensive and time consuming than acquiring them). 

To accomplish this it's essential that you automate the process as much as possible. This will leave you plenty of time to build an all-important relationship with your followers. 

Tools To Assist You In Making Money

A New Tool Is Presented Every 3 Days

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