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Start Building a Full-Time Income Right Now

By following this carefully built process you can continually increase your earnings until you reach your financial goals. Everything is automated as much as possible to make your full-time income a reality. 

By completing the steps below you will end up with a completely done-for-you customized website that has a sales funnel that automatically generates income. 

Everything you do and learn will apply to your ultimate goal, so don't skip any of the steps below. 

Step 2

Scale Your Earnings

You've used some free money making methods to earn a small amount, now it's time to increase your earnings automatically. 


Step 3

Create a 
Full-Time Income

The Leads To Cash system generates commissions using a network of websites and your own customized site. 

Step 4

Maintain & Increase Your 
Full-Time Income

You will want to develop and maintain a relationship with your customers (team members). Expanding your traffic generation strategies is also emphasized in this step. 


It's important to understand the different strategies that will be used to increase your income. These strategies will be referenced many times. 

Click here to go to the strategies page and then return here by clicking the home menu item or your browsers back button. 

Two To Profit

You have an affiliate link (or URL) to use to refer people to this website. When a person clicks on your affiliate link You earn a $10.00 commission when they sign up and purchase the Links To Cash program. 

You can find your affiliate link by clicking on the Affiliate Account Page using the menu at the top of this page. You will then find your affiliate link under the Marketing Menu item. 

Team Commissions

To assist you, your affiliate link has been added to our affiliate link rotator*. What this mean is that when someone goes to our site without using an affiliate link and they click on the red "Get Instant Access" button on the home page, an affiliate gets the referral and the $10.00 per month commission when that person subscribes to the Links To Cash program. 

*What is an affiliate link rotator?

The link rotator is software that allows us to easily divide signups between several affiliates. A different affiliate link is revealed to each website visitor. When it is your affiliate link that is clicked on you get the referral and the commission when a purchase is made. 

The rotator ensures that we pay commissions to our affiliates for all Links To Cash sales that are made.  


You will want to decrease the amount of time performing the tasks of the free methods so you can focus on driving traffic to your affiliate program on this site. 

At this stage in this process there is nothing more important than learning and implementing traffic strategies. You will also start building a list of prospects that you can send emails to. 

Start Making Money Automatically

The Links To Cash program will expand your income growth through affiliate programs and traffic generation. 

The immediate financial goal for The Links To Cash program is $50 per month. This will allow you to scale up to the Reviews To Cash program when you are ready. 

The Bridge Page

Before looking at traffic strategies it's important to mention bridge pages. 

What is a bridge page?

A bridge page is webpage that comes before a sales page. It is a powerful conversion booster that every good marketer should use in his or her online marketing efforts. The best strategy is to have a video of you promoting Auto Income Secrets. The bridge page will:

  • Introduce you...
  • Introduce the product or opportunity...
  • Drive traffic to the AutoIncomeSecrets website using your affiliate link...
  • Increase the number of people who sign up, upgrade, and pay you a commission!

Traffic Generation

To efficiently generate traffic with as little time and money as possible, the best formula to follow is: 

  1. Identify the characteristics and tenancies of your best customers (this is called your customer avatar).
  2. Learn where to find your avatars. 
  3. Promote your product wherever your avatar spends their time. 


The focus, to start, will be on free ways to generate traffic - starting with social media. 


Bonus: Money Making Tools

From easy-peasy to advanced techniques, these money making techniques can help you earn an easy few dollars per day quickly or a few thousand per week with some effort. 

There's also reviews of tools and training to take your internet marketing to the next level. 

A new review is released every 3 days. 

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